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J. Blaeu T. Pont    Theatrum Orbis Terrarum 1654
52 x 41cm

Liddesdale (part of Roxburgshire). Timothy Pont is probably the foremost of Scotland's early cartographers, and from the early 1580's until his early death in c 1611-14, he surveyed much of the country. Most of his work was not, however, published in his lefetime. The manuscript maps he left eventually found their way to John Blaeu in Amsterdam, who used them as the basis for volume 5 (devoted to maps of Scotland and Ireland and first published in 1654)) of his world atlas. Of the 46 Scottish maps in the volume, 36 carry attributions to Pont as author, including this one of Liddesdale, part of Roxburghshire.
Ref: ROX 001