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Homann    Grosser Atlas Ueber Die Ganze Welt 1716
47.5 x 57cm

A most attractive map of Ireland by Johan Baptist Homann, which first appeared in his Grosser Atlas Ueber Die Ganze Welt in 1716. The map is believed to be based on that of Nicholas Visscher the younger of 1689, which was the forerunner for many later copies and versions. Original colour.
Ref: IRL 002
Homann    Various Homann Heirs Atlases 1729
56 x 48cm

The British Isles with an inset map of the Orkneys and Shetlands, and also showing part of the near continent. Original full wash colour, and in good condition. Johann Homann and his successors revived German map making in the 18th century. Homann himself died in 1724, and the business was run first by his son, and then in c 1730 was bequeathed to his son's heirs with the proviso that they trade under the name of Homann Heirs. This map was prepared by Homann's son, Johann Christophe, after his father's death, and bears the Homann Heirs imprint. It was used in various of the firm's atlases. This example is in state 2 as described by R. Shirley.
Ref: BIS 894
Homann    Neuer Atlas? c1714-30
47 x 56.5cm

Scotland. Scotland, with original bodywash colour. The Homann family revived German mapmaking in the 18th century. This map is by the founder of the business Johann Baptist Homann who died in 1724, and is probably from one of the editions of the Neuer Atlas.
Ref: SCT 1144
Homann    Atlas Novus Terrarum c1715 (1707)
55.5 x 47.5cm

The British Isles. This map first appeared in the Atlas Novus Terrarum in c.1707, but with a portrait of Queen Anne. The portrait was changed when George I came to the throne in 1714 (this example being R. Shirley's state 4 of plate1). Original wash colour.
Ref: BIS 1200

Town Plans

Homann    The Environs of London 1741
56 x 49.5cm

London. The map covers all of the county of Middlesex and parts of Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Kent, with a panorama of the city viewed from the south. Original colour. Robert Sayer is mentioned as retailer of the work in London.
Ref: TWN 1207