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J. Strype R. Blome    Stow's Survey of London 1720/1755
36.5 x 28cm

London - The Parishes of Shadwell and Wapping. John Stow 's Survey of London was first published in 1598, and included just one general map of the city. There were 3 further editions between 1603 and 1633, including enlargement of the original text, but then a long gap before interest in the work was revived by John Strype in 1720. His new 2 volume edition updated and enlarged the text - much had changed since the Great Fire of 1666 - but also added a set of maps of each of the wards and parishes comprising the rebult and growing city and its surrounding rural suburbs. The maps had been engraved by Richard Blome around 1690, but never previously published. Strype brought out a second edition of his work in 1754/5. This map shows the adjacent parishes of St. John's, Wapping, and St. Paul's, Shadwell. Slight creasing and one short, closed teat to the wide margins, not affecting the printed image. Modern colour.
Ref: TWN 136