W. Faden : 2 items
W. Faden    A Topographical Map of the County of Sussex 1799
78.5 x 36.5cm

In 1795 Thomas Gream published a one inch map of Sussex on 4 sheets, the majority of the survey work being done by W. Gardner and T. Yeakell, who were also given access to survey data of the Ordnance Survey. As often occurred with one inch maps, a reduced size version was subsequently issued, in this case by William Faden at the scale of 1/3rd of an inch to the mile. The map was engraved by I. (John?) Palmer. There were later editions in 1823, c1844 and c1850-60. This example is the first edition of 1799. It is dissected and linen-backed, folding into a slip case. Original outline colour. Slight off-setting.
Ref: SUS 012
W. Faden    A Topographical Map of the Country Twenty Miles Round London 1800
75 x 75cm

London Environs. A circular map of the environs of London, covering from Stapleford to Dorking, and from East Tilbury to Eton, updated to show the Paddington Canal. The map is dissected and linen-backed and folds into its original slipcase with label. A little light off-setting. Original colour. See Howgego (Printed Maps of London), No. 193 (2).