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J. Hinton T. Kitchin    The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure 1747
15 x 19.5cm

The Universal Magazine was a monthly magazine founded by John Hinton and published between 1747 and 1799. English and Welsh county maps were included from time to time, the first four being drawn and engraved by Kitchin, and many of those following by Emanuel Bowen or R. Seale, though some lack any engraver's signature. This map of Buckinghamshire was issued in the edition of October 1747.
Ref: BUC 004

Road Maps

J. Hinton    The Universal Magazine of Knowledge & Pleasure 1765-73
36.5 x 30cm

London to St. Davids. From 1765 John Hinton's Universal Magazine included from time to time a set of 39 road maps based upon Gardner's 1719 version of Ogilby's Britannia. These have typically 8 strips to the page, as in this example which covers the first half of the road from London to St. Davids. The sheet has some light stains, repaired tears and a narrow left-hand margin. It is priced accordingly.
Ref: ROA 172