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F. Vivares    A History of the Ancient and Royal Foundation, called the Abbey of St. Alban… 1795
50.5 x 41cm

The author of this work was the Reverend Peter Newcome, rector of Shenley in Hertfordshire. It was published in two parts, the first in 1793 and the second in 1795, and there were no later re-issues. This map of the county was presumably issued in the second part as it is dated 1794 in the imprint. It was engraved by Francis Joseph Vivares, whose father Francis Vivares was also an engraver, specialising in landscape prints.Original colour to the boundaries, with modern colour to parks, major roads and some other features. An old repair to a tear, entering the left border by c8 cms resulting in some slight soiling, but without loss to the image. An uncommon item.
Ref: HRT 043