Glamorganshire : 2 items
J. Blaeu    Theatrum Orbis Terrarum 1647, 1648 or 1664 (1645)
51 x 38.5cm

The Blaeu family were one of the leading Dutch map producers of the 17th century. Their major work was a multi volume world atlas initiated by Willem Blaeu and expanded by his son Joan. Their maps were beautifully designed and engraved, and are often found with original colour, making them most desirable to collectors. 1645 saw the first publication of volume 4 of the atlas, containing maps of England and Wales. There were several re-issues between then and 1672 when most of Blaeu's plates were lost in a fire which engulfed his Amsterdam premises. The Dutch text to the verso dates this example to the editions of 1647, 1648 or 1664. Light overall toning.
Ref: GLA 003
F. Grose J. Seller    The Antiquities of England & Wales 1787-1809 (1695)
14.5 x 11cm

In 1695 John Seller published a county atlas titled Anglia Contracta. The plates were much later acquired by Francis Grose, revised, and used in a supplement to his partwork on British antiquities. This supplement with maps was first published in 1787, and ran to several later editions. Original colour, with descriptive text below and to verso.
Ref: GLA 1668