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A. Fullarton J. Bartholomew    The Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales 1866-9
31 x 23cm

The Channel Islands. Original colour. The Imperial Gazetteer was the successor to Fullarton's Parliamentary Gazetteer of England and Wales. It lacked county maps but included a number of new maps of interest. These maps of the Channel Islands were drawn and engraved by J. Bartolomew. Supplied mounted and ready for framing.
Ref: ISL 1221
G. Philip J. Bartholomew    Philips' Atlas of the Counties of England Reduced from the Ordnance Survey c1896 (c1862)
41 x 35cm

This Philips' Atlas was first published c1862 with further issues up to 1891. All editions were by lithographic transfer. The maps were drawn and engraved by Bartholomews, and printed colour was introduced to later editions, as with this example, to represent Parliamentary Divisions.
Ref: SUF 095
A.& C. Black J. Bartholomew    Black's Picturesque Guide to the Isle of Wight c1860's-80's
18.5 x 15cm

Isle of Wight. Through the latter half of the 18th century the firm of A. & C. Black published an increasingly wide range of guides to both overseas locations and parts of Great Britain. Their Guide to the Isle of Wight was certainly in print by 1872, though I have been unable to tie down its first date to issue. It included this small but detailed general map of the island drawn and engraved by Bartholomew's, and also covering the southern part of Hampshire. A repaired internal tear of c7 cms. but without loss and fairly unobtrusive.
Ref: ISL 022
G. Philip J. Bartholomew    Philip's Handy Atlas of the Counties of England 1882 (1873)
15.5 x 21cm

Philip's Handy Atlas was first published in 1873, with maps produced by lithographic transfer and drawn by John Bartholomew and Co. There were many later editions of the work, this example being from the edition of 1882. Printed colour.
Ref: ISL 036

UK and British Atlases

A. Fullarton J. Bartholomew    The Imperial Map of England and Wales 1868
69.5 x 48cm

This sectional map of England and Wales was published by Fullerton and Co. in c1868 in two formats - as an atlas, and as a dissected, linen-backed map in a slip case. It comprises 15 large double page sheets, with sheet 16, presented as 3 double pages of reduced height. The maps were based on Ordnance Survey data and engraved by J. Bartholomew at a scale of 4 inches to the mile. Original hand colour to county boundaries and blue wash to the sea areas. Some occasional spotting (heavier on sheet 9) and a couple of repaired marginal tears. A very good example of John Bartholomew junior's early work for the company..
Ref: ABR 002

Town Plans

J. Bartholomew    Royal Atlas of England and Wales c1890
22 x 33cm

Cambridge. Bartholomew and Co. drew and engraved the maps for this late 19th century British Atlas, which included county maps, regional maps and town plans. This town plan of Cambridge shared a map sheet with Oxford, the 2 maps sharing a common border. When separated, as is usually the case, each map requires re-margining to one side to facilitate mounting, and that has been done with this copy. Minor repairs to a few marginal tears which would be hidden by a mount. Original printed colour.
Ref: TWN 159